terça-feira, abril 11, 2006

Arrumando livros - The Year-Book of Facts 1850

Mais um livro curioso e antigo; a leitura de alguns factos fez-me mergulhar noutro tempo, numa diferente maneira de dar conta de acontecimentos, descobertas, etc. e ainda me trouxe outros conhecimentos. Deixo aqui a leitura de alguns extractos para os dias em que aqui não estarei - vou partir para um arejamento de ideias e de locais. Até breve. Boa Páscoa.

Alguns factos:

Currents in the Gut of Gibraltar - Curious investigations have, for some time, been carried on in the Gut of Gibraltar, by M. Coupvent des Bois. He has proved, as a certainty, the existence of a superficial currente flowing from the ocean into the Mediterranean, and of a deep under current flowing from the Mediterranean into the ocean. He has also ascertained that between these two currents there exists a bed of water which is in perfect repose.

Fire-Proof Ceilings of Fire-Work - Have been successfully applied, in place of lath, with plaster and stucco as usual, at the Chester Lunatic Asylum. The wires are about a quarter of an inch apart, and the plaster forms an adhesive and serviceable mass, even on both sides.The wire is galvanized, or japanned, to prevent corrosion. Not only ceilings, one would think, but thin partitions and walls in general, might be wired in place of lathed, and ris of fire thus greatly diminished by a process neither patented nor costly.

The Polar Plant - Major Alvord has discovered a singular plant of the Western Prairies, said to possess the peculiarity of pointing north and south, and to which he has given the name of Silphium Laciniatum. No trace of iron has been discovered in the plant; but as it is full of resinous matter, Major Alvord suggests its polarity may be due to electric currents.